Brille Bjarke

Make interwebz
not war


I’m a frontend developer with passion for SASS, BEM, Gulp, NodeJS, GIT and Backbone. I have also played around with WordPress a lot. My first Cordova build app is almost ready to be sent for approval and should be out soon.

Thank you for dropping by   : )

How I work

I would never leave my computer knowing my code wasn't pushed to the repo that I'm working on. I think that feature branching has the best workflow when you're working in a team. It's simply the best way to encourage collaboration and streamline communication between developers.

I have a good understanding of design, and a good sense of where to use transitions that makes the UI of a site consistent and easy to understand.

Who am I?

My name is Bjarke. I’m 30 years old and live in Nørrebro with my girlfriend and a canary.

Since I was 17 I have been playing bass and guitar in rock bands, but over the years my music has transformed into more electronic/experimental stuff. I have a small hobby-label called Infinite Waves where I release my own and my friends music on cassettes and vinyl.